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Many Minneapolis residents we talk with believe that the sole purpose of an investment advisor is to help them choose successful stocks. Certainly, this should be part of an investment advisor’s duties, but there is much more to investment planning than simply choosing stocks. An investment advisor can also help you develop a strong financial plan and suggest ways to best meet your goals.

Why Contact an Assured Retirement Investment Advisor?

  • We will help you specify your financial goals. People often have well-defined ideas of what their financial goals will be. Many wish to buy a house, pay for college or save for retirement. However, these goals frequently lack any tangible number attached to them. If this describes your situation, we can help you figure out the exact cost of your goals and how to use your current investments to make sure you reach them.
  • We will help you with financial planning. Managing your investments takes time. How often have you received a 401(k) statement in the mail but left it unopened on your desk for weeks? Between working, raising a family and taking care of other financial obligations, many individuals simply do not have the time to spend working out their own investments. We will make sure your investments are as secure as possible while you focus on the other aspects of your life.
  • We will help you organize your investments. If you are someone who has money spread across multiple 401(k)s, IRAs or other accounts, an investment adviser may be necessary to help you consolidate your funds. It is certainly possible for you to do this yourself, but an investment advisor has the experience to make sure your allocation of funds and accounts provides the best return on your current investments.
  • We will help you simplify your investment strategy. Bias is inherent in human nature, but where investments are concerned, it can cost us untold amounts of money. Whether your portfolio is stacked too aggressively, increasing your risk, or too conservatively, which leads to investments that perform poorly, we can moderate your accounts. We will help you balance your investments to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount in your returns.
  • We will find ways to reduce risks in your portfolio. Without the proper training, you may miss ways to decrease risks in your portfolio. An investment representative will find the best ratios for your returns and diversify your investments to make sure you do not have too much stock in one place. If your portfolio lacks diversity, one downturn in the market can wipe out much of your investment.Let’s say that you work in the biotech industry, you may own a certain amount of stock in your company. Through your work you hear about another successful start up and you decide to investment. You discover another promising company, and buy some of their stock too. Without realizing it, you may now have half of your investments in the biotech industry. If something suddenly happens to this industry, you could lose half of your hard earned money.

    Similarly, many people in the United States are focused primarily on business located within the country. As we have seen recently, being too invested in the U.S. can sometimes result in a loss when our market experiences a decline in value. Making financial investments in companies outside of the U.S. is a great way to mitigate this risk.

    An investment advisor has the knowledge and experience to make sure your investment are allocated in a diverse range of industries and countries to ensure that you remain protected from any unforeseen economic crisis.

  • We will help you answer the tough questions. When managing your own portfolio, it can be easy to let certain bad spending habits slide. Because your investments are the primary focus of any experienced investment advisor, he or she will be able to tell you the truth about how your spending is impacting your investments. We can help you address the difficult, expensive choices that life can bring. We will help you decide whether to assist family members financially or when you should sell a major asset.

Sometimes the stock market is a volatile place, especially in recent years. Panicking about a loss and moving large amounts of money from one fund to another may end up costing you even more in the long run. Working with us means that you do not have to worry about market fluctuations. We can help avoid making costly emotion-fueled decisions. Contact Assured Retirement and begin the process of making the most out of your investments without having to spend all of your free time watching the market. We offer services throughout Minneapolis and in neighboring communities such as Bloomington, St. Paul and Edina, MN.

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