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You might have long-term financial goals, but without proper financial planning, your goals will not be accomplished.

What are the benefits of working with a Minneapolis financial planner?

  • Enhance your savings. Having a strong financial plan gives you an idea of what your current assets are and how much more money you need to save in order to reach your financial goals. For example, if your combined assets are not enough to live off of after retirement, Assured Retirement can assist you in developing a savings plan so that retirement will not be problematic for you.
  • Insure yourself using the right methods. Secure adequate savings. reason why you need financial planning is because you need to see if you have adequate health and life insurance. This is important because medical bills, funeral and burial expenses and household management bills often get expensive and without insurance that covers you well, you will get stuck with hefty bills that could take years to pay down.
  • Properly manage your taxes. Taxes are a major part of your finances and too many taxpayers do not take advantage of the tax deductions and tax credits that are available to them. This leads them to overpay their taxes and lose too much of their money every year. At the same time, there are those who make deductions illegally without knowing it, causing trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). By working with a financial planner, you can understand what the current tax rules are and prepare stronger tax returns.
  • Acquire the benefits you deserve. If you are of retirement age and have concerns about applying for Social Security benefits, you should meet with a financial planner. A financial planner has strong knowledge of the Social Security system and you can learn about the application process. If you are disabled and receive Social Security benefits, we will be able to assist you in using those funds in such a way that you’ll build a better financial future.
  • Learn how to invest. Another benefit of financial planning is that you’ll learn about a variety of ways to invest your money. You generally put part of your income in a savings account but the financial planner might show you ways to diversify your investments. She might suggest the purchase of stocks or mutual funds, or if you have a large quantity of assets she would suggest that you buy a rental property so that you can earn income from tenants on a regular basis. In conclusion, having a financial plan will save you thousands of dollars and heartache in the future.

If you are in need of an experienced financial planner in the Minneapolis – St. Paul region, contact Assured Retirement Group by filling out our simple contact form or by calling 952-657-7470. Based in Bloomington, we offer financial planning assistance in the Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN area, including Edina, St. Louis Park, Richfield and Golden Valley.

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