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Our approach focuses primarily on your current investments, Social Security benefits and pension plans as the primary means to create an income stream.

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Too often people do not plan for retirement because they are not armed with the proper knowledge to do so. A financial advisor from Assured Retirement can assist you in your retirement planning. We have the knowledge and experience to show you the process of financial management provide you with a peace of mind. We will help you avoid common financial mistakes that could hurt your future.

We have found that that many of the Minnesota residents we talk to make similar errors concerning their finances. These mistakes include not having a detailed retirement plan in mind, not contributing enough to savings while employed, approaching their retirement years with debt, and not taking into account what their financial needs will be after their employment ends.

We will help you learn about your employer’s 401(k) retirement plan, where part of your check is deposited into this account each pay period and the employer matches your contribution at a certain amount.

We can help you discover options for your retirement that you may have never thought of. We help you utilize your current investments from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and cash value life insurance and create an income stream that works with your Social Security and taxes. We will even create an income for life spreadsheet that will show you how long your assets will last at very conservative rates.

Retirement and taxes are interrelated and without the assistance of a financial advisor, you could experience tax liabilities or miss out on tax credits that pertains to your retirement funds. When you meet with us, we will discuss how much taxes you would be responsible for while maintaining your retirement account and we can assist you in preparing your tax returns.

We will steer you in the right direction so that retirement will be a smooth process. You will not have to experience retirement planning alone. We serve the entire Minneapolis, MN region, including Bloomington, Edina, Richfield, and St. Louis Park.

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