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What is Retirement Planning? You may have an idea of when and want to retire, but do you know how to make the best of it and make sure you can’t outlive your retirement savings? That is where Retirement Planning comes in, it is more than money, and it is more than your investments, Social Security, and your Pension. It is more than a rate of success that your retirement is based on. It is about planning around your needs, your goals, and your desires for retirement while utilizing the best strategies of the 5 Core areas of retirement; income, investments, taxes, legacy, and healthcare. Our team is focused on helping you find potential gaps in your planning and assisting you in providing you solutions to having a complete retirement plan and send you on the right Retirement Track.


Income is the basis of retirement. Without income, you can’t retire. Today it is not unusual for someone to retire and live to age 90 or longer. Planning for your golden years in retirement to provide income that will last 30, 40 years or more is crucial for today’s retiree. You could quite possibly live longer in retirement than you were working. Income planning is more important than the amount you have to take out each year, it is also part of where your income will be generated from. Typically, like most, you would want an income stream from a reliable and predictable source. Unfortunately, you may be trying to generate income from volatile investments that are unpredictable. Our strategies are designed to provide more predictable income that will last your lifetime and beyond. That is where our “Income For Life” plan comes together. It is simple and easy to read, and you know what your income sources will look like. It is just one of many solutions we offer.


Do you know your score with the market? Can you survive the next market downturn while in retirement without having to change your lifestyle? You may be like most, tired of watching your portfolio follow the roller coaster of returns brought on by traditional Wall Street wisdom and the talking heads you see on T.V. You could be used to hearing the words from your investment advisor saying “hang in there,” or “it will rebound”. If that’s the case for you, then our wealth management team will be a breath of fresh air. Our team follows strict fiduciary standards to provide a balanced approach to preserving and growing your assets. Be sure to ask us about WealthGuard® and how it can be like a safety net to help monitor and protect your assets from the next market correction.


You may already have a Tax Preparer to help you with your tax returns each year but you may not have an advisor that works with your Tax Preparer to watch out for taxes you could possibly avoid today or in the future. We do a thorough analysis and have the capability of running different outcomes based on your goals, needs, and desires to line up with your taxes. That is where Tax Planning comes in. If you don’t have a Tax Preparer, we have strategically partnered with Stovall and Associates as well as Carpenter Evert and Associates, well known CPA firms in the Minneapolis area to help you make wise decisions to line up your Retirement plan with your taxes.  Our goal is to help you create strategies that reduce the burden of taxation for you and your family.


We know you do not dream of being in a Long Term Care facility, but it could be reality. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives. You also cannot rely on Medicare as it only covers short term stays. The cost to Long-Term Care to your retirement portfolio could be detrimental, that is why we look at your plan to cover such costs. Understanding whether you are married or not and what you want to leave behind could all be good reasons to look at ways to cover your Long-Term Care needs. We will help provide some solutions, whether it be to self insure or to have some form of Long-Term Care insurance. The plan will dictate what solutions we should use.


Our planning is designed with your needs in mind first and then whatever is left will be distributed according to your wishes. Sometimes, without a properly structured Estate Plan your wishes may not be fulfilled and your loved ones could face needless costs, taxes and delays.  Simple things like your beneficiary forms could uproot an entire estate plan.  We make sure to work with your Estate Planner and have also coordinated some strategic relationships with Estate Planners in Minneapolis if you do not already have one.


After working for 30-40 years, you may realize that one of your largest assets is your 401k, 403b, or IRA. Because it is one of your largest assets, money may still be in those accounts when you pass away. The hope is to have that money pass to your beneficiaries, but what about taxes? Our IRA Legacy Planning is designed to successfully transfer one of life’s biggest assets to those we love as efficiently as possible. This planning can be simple to implement, however, mistakes can be devastating. Not putting a beneficiary on your IRA can throw a wrench in to the whole plan. IRA’s can be a tax time bomb for your family if not handled properly. We can help show you how to distribute your IRA and leave more to your family.

Make Your Assets Work For You.

Our approach focuses primarily on your current investments, Social Security benefits and pension plans as the primary means to create an income stream.

Assured Retirement Group will help you

  • Prioritize your savings among taxable and tax-deferred options.
  • Decide when and if to roll your 401(k) into an IRA.
  • Design a plan for when and how to take your Social Security & Pensions the right way.
  • Learn how to draw from other assets tax efficiently and considering the effects of inflation.
  • Fill in the income gaps tax efficiently and with prudent investment decisions.

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